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Health and Nutrition Equity

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Established with a vision to revolutionize the way we interact with technology, our team combines expertise in AI, cultural nuances, public health, linguistics, and data analysis.
Choose food to meet your family health needs.
Tailor nutrition advice to align with cultural dietary practices.
Decide what to eat or not eat on your own terms.

Our roots

Driven by compelling personal experiences, innovation and a passion for health and nutrition equity, we are committed to empowering individuals and businesses with an AI tool to make decision-making effortless.


18-34 years of age reported the presence of at least one chronic health condition.


Of that population, reported the coexistence of multiple chronic condition.
Our objectives

We understand that different cultures have distinct dietary staples, preparation methods, and eating habits, which influence their nutritional needs and choices.

Respect food practices
Build a community-oriented platform that respects religious, ethical, and cultural food restrictions and preferences, and that celebrates culturally significant foods.
Include traditional foods
Encourage the inclusion and healthy preparation of traditional foods, recognizing their nutritional value, cultural and emotional significance to individuals and communities.
Suggest nutrional equivalents
Determine alternatives that are nutritionally similar to foods that may not be culturally familiar or available, without compromising  cultural identity.
Promote cultural understanding
Aim to enhance the effectiveness of nutritional counseling by fostering a deeper understanding of and respect for the cultural contexts that shape dietary behaviors.

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By transforming inquiries into personalized, informed, and actionable goals, wigwag empowers individuals to be healthier on their own terms.